Fluitek is a Chilean company that provides equipment and components for engines and machinery for the mining, construction, forestry and industrial fields with the guarantee of being a single supplier that offers multiple solutions. We have a team of collaborators distributed in Antofagasta and Santiago that offer service throughout the country.



Fluitek Chile S.A. was created in 2001 and is formed by professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the industrial, mining, forestry and construction sectors. The company represents well-known and approved brands by machinery manufacturers, as well as important stock and technical service in Santiago and Antofagasta. It is responsible for supplying, installing and providing after sales service to its entire line of products. Fluitek Chile S.A. complies with a quality management system, risk prevention, and environmental protection, actively including its workers.


· SOFOFA: Provides training for Fluitek personnel

· ACHS: Security control, security training, insurance for occupational diseases and accidents.


· CAJA COMPENSACIÓN LOS ANDES (Family compensation fund)

Fluitek is committed to the environment and the safety of its workers by having them participate in programs implemented at the company.

Los Gobelinos 2512, Local 2P
Renca - Santiago, Chile
Telephone: (+56 2) 22418877
Email: santiago@fluitek.cl


Risk Prevention (José Guitard) : +569 4005 1259

Planning (Felipe Fajardo) : +569 7579 6600

Avda. Edmundo Perez Zujovic 5554 Local 4B
Antofagasta, Chile
Telephone: (56 55) 2297979
Email: antofagasta@fluitek.cl


Head of Service (Hugo Cortés): +569 3194 8085

Sales Manager (Manuel Viera): +569 8159 9876